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No Impact Home Occupation – No Impact Home Occupation, as defined by PA Act 43 of 2002, which amended the PA Act 43 of 2002, which amended the PA MPC, is a business or commercial activity administered or conducted as an accessory use which is clearly secondary to the use as a residential dwelling and which involves no customer, client or patient traffic, whether vehicular or pedestrian, pickup, delivery or removal functions to or from the premises, in excess of those normally associated with residential use. No impact home based businesses shall be a use permitted by right in all residential zones of the Municipality, except that such permission shall not supersede any deed restriction, covenant or agreement restricting the use of land, nor any master deed, bylaw or other document applicable to a common interest ownership community.

No Impact Home Occupations shall be subject to administrative review and approval by the Chief Zoning Officer provided that the business or commercial activity meets the following conditions:

  1. The business activity shall be compatible with the residential use of the property and surrounding residential uses.
  2. The business shall employ no employees other than family members residing in the dwelling.
  3. There shall be no display or sale of retail or wholesale goods and no stockpiling or inventory of a substantial nature.
  4. There shall be no outside appearance of a business use, including, but not limited to, parking, signs or lights.
  5. The business activity may not use any equipment or process which creates noise, vibration, glare, fumes, odors or electrical or electronic interference, including interference with radio or television reception, which is detectable in the neighborhood.
  6. The business activity may not generate any solid waste or sewage discharge, in volume or type, which is normally associated with residential use in the neighborhood.
  7. The business activity shall be conducted only within the dwelling and may not occupy more than 25% of the habitable floor area. The business may not involve any illegal activity.

HOME OCCUPATION – An occupation conducted in a dwelling unit. Home occupations shall be special exceptions, subject to the approval of the Zoning Hearing Board. In reviewing applications for home occupations, the Board may impose appropriate and reasonable conditions necessary to protect the surrounding properties. The following conditions shall apply to all home occupations unless expressly waived by the Board after a demonstration of good cause:

A. No Person other than members of the family residing on the premises shall be engaged in such occupation.

B. The use of the dwelling unit for the home occupation shall be clearly incidental to, and subordinate to, its use for residential purposes by its occupants, and not more than 25 percent (25%) of the floor area of the dwelling unit shall be used in the conduct of the home occupation.

C. There shall be no change in the outside appearance of the building or premises, or other visible evidence of the conduct of such home occupation, other than one sign, non-illuminated, and non-animated not exceeding one square foot in area.

D. No home occupation shall be conducted in any accessory building.

E. There shall be no stocking of goods or keeping of an inventory or finished goods in connection with such home occupation. Retail goods must be made to order or selected from catalogues and/or samples, and delivered to customers. There shall be no “over-the-counter” sales of retail or wholesale goods.

F. No traffic shall be generated by such home occupation in greater volumes than would normally be expected in a residential neighborhood, and any need for parking generated by the conduct of such home occupation shall be met off the street and in other than a required front yard.

G. No equipment or process shall be used in such home occupation, which creates noise, vibration, glare, fumes, odors, or electrical interference detectable to the normal senses off the lot if the occupation is conducted in a single-family residence, or outside the dwelling unit if conducted in other than a single-family residence. In the case of electrical interference, no equipment or process shall be used which creates visual or audible interference in any radio or television receivers off the premises, or causes fluctuations in line voltage off the premises.

H. No home occupation shall involve the use of toxic materials or any materials, which present a deleterious effect on adjacent properties.

I. Professional and service-oriented businesses, such as doctors, lawyers, barbers, etc., shall be conducted by appointment only to prevent overlapping of customers.

J. For Day Care Homes, Item A, above, shall not apply and 100% of a home and surrounding property may be used for such purpose. Day Care Homes must, however, meet the following additional conditions:

  1. Operators are responsible for compliance with PA Department of Welfare licensing requirements and any other county, state, or federal regulations.
  2. The Zoning Hearing Board may require buffering along all property boundaries with landscaping, fencing, or other methods suitable to protect the children and the immediate neighborhood.
  3. A minimum of 100 square feet of usable outdoor play space, and 40 square feet of usable indoor space, must be provided for each child present at the facility, including resident children.
  4. Care shall not be provided to more than twelve children who are not residents of the property.
  5. A minimum of two caregivers shall be available at the facility whenever there are more than six children at the facility, including resident children.
  6. Operators must supply to the municipality (and keep current) the names of persons responsible for responding quickly to a complaint filed by the Municipality.

K. There shall be no home occupation for the wholesale and/or retail sale of firearms or ammunition. Neither shall there be a home occupation for the service or repair of firearms or the loading of bullets or preparation of ammunition.


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INSTRUCTIONS: Please read the entire form and then answer every question. Leave no space blank. If the answer is no or not applicable (N/A) indicate so. Please print or type this application.

PLEASE NOTE: IN ADDITION TO COMPLETING THE APPLICATION BELOW THE UNIVERSAL APPLICATION MUST ALSO BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED WITH THE $50.00 HOME OCCUPATION FEE FOR NO-IMPACT OR $100.00 FOR IMPACT HOME OCCUPATION. You can download the form here or fill in the document below, but it will not be processed until the universal form is processed.

Please make checks or money orders payable to the Municipality of Penn Hills and submit it with your completed universal application and home occupation addendum to the universal application to the address above.

1. Name of Business (required):

2. Nature of type of business, describe (required):

3. Name and address of business partners, if any:

4. Do you have employees that do not live at the home? . How many?

5. Where do these employees report to work?

6. Approximately what portion/percent of your residence is used for the home occupation?

7. Do you plan to place a one square foot sign on the property?

8. Please list the equipment that is used for the operation of your business:

9. Do you require storage space?
Where is the storage space?

10. List the vehicle(s) used for the operation of the business:

11. Do customers come to your home?

12. Is there sufficient space for customers to park in your driveway?

13. How is the merchandise and products received and shipped?

14. Hours of operation:

Signature of Applicant (required)

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Once the Home Occupation Application is submitted, please fill out the Universal Application Form to confirm the contact for the application process. Access the form in the following link:

Universal Application