Government Contacts

Council Minutes/Local Government

Mayor Pauline Calabrese

Deputy Mayor
Catherine R. Sapp (412) 342-1086

Council Member
James Getsy (412) 342-1086

Council Member
Frank Pecora (412) 342-1086

Council Member
Mr. John Petrucci (412) 342-1086

Nicholas J. Futules (412)  342-1086

Municipal Solicitor
Craig Alexander
Bruce Dice and Associates
787 Pine Valley Rd., Ste. #3
Pittsburgh, PA 15239
(724) 733-3080

Municipal Manager
S. Andrejchak (412)  342-1086

Deputy Clerk
Diane Gionta Fitzhenry (412) 798-2131

District Justice
Anthony DeLuca Jr.
85 Universal Road
Pittsburgh, PA. 15235
(412)  731-0100


State Government

State Senator 43th District, Jay Costa, Jr.
1501 Ardmore Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15221
(412) 241-6690

US Senator Bob Casey Jr.
US Senator Pat Toomey

State Legislator 32nd District: Anthony M. DeLuca
7205 Saltsburg Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15235
(412)  793-2448

US Congress US House of Representatives
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Pennsylvania Senators
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PA House of Representatives
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Tax & Fee Collector(s)

Sewage Fees:
Prior to July 1, 2008 Central Tax 600 West
Railroad Street Verona, PA 15147
(412)  828-4812.

Beginning July 1, 2008 Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint
(412) 243-6200 and Oakmont Water
(412) 828-7220 Athority(s) will become the new
sewage billing agents for the Municipality of
Penn Hills.

All Other Taxes: Penn Hills School District 260
Aster Street, Penn Hills, PA 15235-2059
(412) 793-7063

Earned Income Taxes are collected at the
Regional Level since the beginning of 2012,
and are no longer handled by the local tax
collectors. The forms are now available from the
Regional Tax Collector’s website.

The Municipality of Penn Hills Act 32 PSD
Code is 720501

Print or Read The Municipality of Penn Hills
Charter (pdf)


Council Meetings

Meetings are scheduled on the 3rd
Monday of each Month @ 7:00 pm located in
the Municipal Building, 102 Duff Road,
15235, Council Chambers.

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