Comprehensive Plan Code Enforcement

The following is a draft prepared by the Penn Hills Planning Department. It has yet to be adopted or approved by
the Penn Hills Planning Commission and/or the Penn Hills Mayor and Council and is subject to change. Public
comments and suggestions to the Penn Hills Planning Department are welcome.

Every community needs a code enforcement department. Some gated communities get by with deed covenants and maintenance agreements, but even they need a committee for the occasional tough case. Residents in every type of home want to protect their investments and their property value. Here in Penn Hills the single family home is the tax
base and the need to protect the value of the home and good code enforcement becomes an economic issue.

The Penn Hills Department of Code Enforcement is budgeted for six employees: a Director, an Enforcement Officer/Crew Leader with some supervisory responsibilities, three other Inspectors, and a secretary. They are currently not fully staffed due to pending litigation but we expect them to return to this level in the near future. The inspectors report to the Code Enforcement Director who in turn reports to the Penn Hills Manager. The 2014 Municipal Budget brought a new or revised position, a Fire Marshall/Chief Code Inspector, who will assume duties in both categories. The position has yet to be
advertised and a detailed job description has yet to be provided. Nonetheless, citizens who lobbied for more code enforcement are hoping for a strong relationship and much support for the Code Enforcement Department.

The Department is responsible for the issuance of building permits, occupancy permits, grading permits, street opening permits, and a variety of other minor permits. They provide inspection service for all of these permits. They also have duties for water meter readings, some sewer inspection work, and inspections for loans under the Community Development Program. They are responsible for zoning complaints, junk cars, high grass, rubbish and debris, dumping, signs, and citizen   of a wide variety. They have their hands full.

The Director of Code Enforcement and the Inspectors develop and amend code enforcement priority lists on a daily basis. Some code issues are predetermined i.e. occupancy permit inspections are scheduled well in advance. Building permit inspection times are fairly well established. Court dates are set far in advance.