Monthly Archives: July 2019

Notice – Park Updates

Penn Hills Community Park will reopen Wednesday July 31, 2019. Damaged areas within the park will remain cautioned off for safety reasons.
Milltown Park and Bessemer Field will remain closed indefinitely. We will update when more details become available.

2019 Rabies Information

Here is some information about rabies and what is being done to reduce exposure to it.

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2019 Notice: Red Cross Cleanup Kits

The American Red Cross will be at the Penn Hills EMS Building located at 102 Duff Road, Building 2, between 6:00 and 8:30 PM this evening. They will be passing out Cleanup Kits to assist residents with Flood cleanups/disinfection.

Notice – Park Closures, July 2019

Penn Hills Park, Bessemer Field and Milltown Fields and Park are closed due to storm damage. The Dog Park closed today due to muddy conditions.

Flood Warnings 2019

Penn Hills would like to remind everyone to be safe when dealing with flood situations. Don’t drive through standing water as you do not really know how fast and powerful the current is. In the event of an emergency call 911.
for additional information please go to the national weather service: www.nws.noaa.go or FEMA:
Be safe everyone.

2019 PH Public Sewer Workshop

Here is some information from the Penn Hills Public Sewer Workshop

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VOPP Feasibility Study Public Meeting 2019

There will be a Public Meeting on July 23rd 2019 for the Corridor Feasibility Study to collect community thoughts and Perspectives.

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2019 Penn Hills Announcement

Penn Hills announces program designed to fight illegal dumping. More details coming later this week.

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July 15th 2019, Council Meeting

A Council meeting is currently scheduled for Monday, July 15th 2019 At 7:00 PM.

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MS4 Low Impact Development

Here is some information about what Low Impact Development is and what it does for the community.

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